Frequently asked questions

What are the odds format?

So far, we only use the decimal format. For example, if an odd is given at 2.14, it means that if you play 10 units, you will win 21.4 units if bet is won, which makes a benefit of 11.4 units (21.4 - 10).

Where are the odds coming from?

Odds are an average of what is globally available on the market, so we are not affiliated to any bookmaker. You will probably find best odds in another place - and not so good elsewhere. It does not really matter as long as the odds are able your ability to "beat the market" over the long term.

Can I buy a single tip?

No way. All strategies are long-term strategies. Winning or loosing a single bet is not significant. It doesn't say if this bet was initially good or bad.

How to know if a betting strategy is good or bad?

A betting strategy can be stated as "not too bad" if you are able to make some benefit despite the negative return expectancy. If the return expectancy was positive, well, bookmakers will simply not exist. They are able to exist as companies precisely because punters *hope* for benefits, despite this possibility is almost impossible over the long term.

So why do you offer strategies is profit is almost not possible over the long term?

"Almost" changes everything. Almost mean that there is a way, but it requires so much work and dedication that it is definetely not accessible to everyone. Our mission is to simplify this hard work for you.

When is a strategy is considered "good enough"?

Well, an obvious answer is that a strategy that constantly grows (in terms of benefit) is a promising strategy. However, we consider that when a strategy is able to make more that 6% of profit over 1000 bets, then the "professionnal" level is reached.

If they make such profit, why are these strategies publicly available?

If they are good enough over the long term (we know, we insist a lot on that long-term), they are not publicly available. You have to pay to follow them. Those who are good enough to provide such strategies can be try to become professional tipster. In this case, we help them.

How do you help the best tipsters to become professional?

That's simple enough : we build them their own betting website, and we try to provide them web trafic as well.

How do you share profits once someone reached the professional level?

We keep 20% of profits generated once you became a professional tipster. At this price we maintain your website alive. So that's it. 80% of the generated revenues are for you.

It's our way to say "thank you".