We are passionated about soccer, betting, and web development. From there, the question was : how to offer the best possible service to our user?

The first part is to give everybody the ability to build betting strategies that could work over the long term.

That will give them a realistic track record of their ability to make profit from betting - and to realize how hard it is, without risking a single penny!

And if it's too difficult, we would give them the ability to follow the most promising strategies.

Then the question was : how to motivate people who build profitable strategies to stay on our website?

We answered it that way : if they have really skyrocketing result (like 6% of R.O.I after 1000 bets), then we treat them as first-class citizen : we build them a website, and we help them to gain (web) trafic to find their own customer.

We find this way to be a win-win for everybody.

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Feel free to send an email at contact@koalatip.com